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Silicon Carbide Powder Dryer
Traditional silicon carbide powder dryer easily pollute environment resulting in heavy dusty, and other high temperature oven also have an influence in the workshop. Our microwave silicon carbide powder dryer has following...
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Brown Sugar Clumps Industrial Microwave Dryer
MAX Industrial Microwave would be pleased to provide quotation for drying brown sugar clumps. Microwave would be able to able to heat the inside moisture content of brown sugar clumps to quickly dehydrate brown sugar clumps. We also install the...
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Insect Mealworms Dryer
Mealworms are the larva of darkling beetles. Mealworms can be found throughout most of the world prefer warm, dark, and damp places like under decaying logs and leaves. These insects are an important part of the ecosystem. Their voracious...
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Artificial Plant Microwave Dryer
MAX Industrial Microwave manufactures and exports the artificial flower & silk flower microwave machine. The industrial microwave machine is the same working principle as the home microwave. But our machine is more equipped with...
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