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Meal Re-heat Machine
The demand for meal box re-heating machine has rocketed due to an increase in quick meal consumption, especially for requiring a big amount of worker construction project and building. You may need supply thousands of meal during the lunch or...
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Date Sterilization Machine
People have been consuming dates from more than 4000 years. The dates are rich in carbohydrates and supply your body with a healthy source of energy. In the market, dried dates are common snack which have a longer shelf-life than the fresh one....
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Ceramic Foam Dryer
Ceramic foam is one kind of filter which is required to remove the impurities and improve quality of the final products. The ceramic foam need to be subjected to high temperature and a corrosive condition.   Filters can have...
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PET food Microwave Sterilization and Drying Machine
Microwave pet food drying and sterilization machine suits for a variety of pet food feeding products including drying, sterilizing, insects killing and extend shelf life features.   Features: Energy saving, simple operation and...
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