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Liquid Latex Dryer
We recently design and manufacture two sets of microwave machines which dry raw liquid latex material. The liquid latex company use the microwave fast curing and drying features to shorten the liquid latex drying time and improve the latex...
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Cassava Flour(Starch) Microwave Sterilization Machine
Cassava flour is extracted from the root of cassava plant or Manihot exculenta. After adding the hot water, the cassava flour( starch) appears transparency with soft & chewy. The cassava flour is without flavor. It is widely used in the...
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MAX Industrial Microwave Celebrate the Holiday
MAX Industrial Microwave would take a long holiday to celebrate Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival. Our sales team would send one person on the duty to reply to you every day assure to reply to you on the time.   MAX...
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MAX Industrial Microwave Dry Edible Insects
1. MAX Industrial Microwave machine is simple to operate and flexible to control, customers are able to use our machine to dry or roast insect as well as puff insects which can preserve the insect original color and shape. Meanwhile, MAX...
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