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Powder Material Microwave Dryer
Industrial Microwave Dryer is classified as vertical oven and conveyor belt type, and the microwave dryer is utilized for drying food powder material and chemical powder material. Microwave dryer can pasteurize and dry food powder material at...
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How to Make the Crunchy Dried Fish
Often we heard that dried small fish normally just deep fry like anchovies fish but the process get much oil involved. But when we had seen the process through a microwave machine which is perfectly done. Microwave could turn out really crispy...
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How to Prevent and Get Rid of Weevils And Bugs
Many rice producers often realize that there are little black things crawling around. It’s very important to prevent and get rid of weevils, bugs, insects and larva because rice bugs are just as likely to be the unwanted insect in such...
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Mealworm Drying Machine
Recently, we manufacture a microwave batch oven for drying mealworm. The dried mealworms completely keep original shape and color by microwave oven drying machine. Moreover, it has a Puff appearance which can attract turtle, fish, reptiles,...
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