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Microwave Roasting Machine
Recently, we have finished one set of 180kw microwave machine that is used for roasting original nuts and soaked nuts. In order to uniform roast the nuts, we heat the nuts not only from the top position but also from the bottom. On the other...
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Meal Box Heating Machine
Planning over 1000 meal per hour can be challenging. Especially, when we need serves thousands people during the lunch time or breakfast time. Low efficiency and miscalculation can result in not having enough, low hygiene standard...
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Oral Liquid Sterilization Machine
Oral liquid dosage offers better patient compliance in people who find swallowing pills or capsules difficult, and more flexible dosage control than a fixed-dose tables. New technology enables the creation of liquid pharmaceutical preparations...
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Natural Liquid Latex Dryer
MAX Industrial Microwave customizes two sets of microwave machine which are used for dehydrating liquid rubber material. We design machine that quickly dry liquid rubber-separate solids from belt-second dry rubber. MAX microwave machine can...
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