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Industrial Microwave Drying Black Soldier Fly Larva
MAX Industrial Microwave is the first industrial microwave company to apply microwave energy dry the Hermetia Illucens (Black Solider Fly Larva) and approve the drying solution. Comparing the traditional oven drying solution, microwave drying...
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Microwave Dryer Application
Microwave dryer is a new model drying solution which the microwave radiation causes the molecules to rotate back and forth with the electric field to generate heat. And Lipids and protein molecules in the food don't heat well because they have...
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Microwave Drying Machine
Microwave technology is widely used for drying application, which either insects, chemical powder or liquid rubber, food material. And, microwave drying machine recently applies to dehydrate the edible insect like cricket and animal feeding...
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Brewer’s Grains Sterilization Machine
The brewer’s grains(BSG) is the main byproducts of brewery, representing around 85% of the total by-products generated. The main application has been used for animal feeding. However, due to its high content of protein and fiber and other...
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