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Mealworm Drying Machine
Recently, we manufacture a microwave batch oven for drying mealworm. The dried mealworms completely keep original shape and color by microwave oven drying machine. Moreover, it has a Puff appearance which can attract turtle, fish, reptiles,...
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Starch Powder Microwave Drying Machine
After primary drying and press treatment, the moisture content of starch is about 15%~13.5% that is much more than final expectation. Optimal water activities for food grade and industrial grade starch would be under 7%. Low moisture...
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Microwave Prevent Mold and Yeast
But if molds and yeasts are not a health concern, they are a quality and business concern. Mold and yeast prevention is fairly simple, when a fungal spore lands on a plant, it will either grow or remain inert. Inert spores collect according to...
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Ready Meal Heating Machine
When we plan to heat the cooling prepared meal for a big group of people, an efficient microwave heating machine would be a necessary equipment. Especially for Asian cuisine, Asian cooling ready meal typically consists of rice, vegetables and...
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