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Microwave Roast Soy Nuts
Soy nuts is with nutrients in even small servings like high concentration of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, eating small amounts of soy nuts as a snack or salad topping is a healthy and easy way to boost your daily intake of...
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Dose Microwave Heating Destroy Food Material Nutrition
There is a fiercely and brutal competition in the food processing market, selecting an advanced food processing method plays a vital role in the food industry.  Drying process is also a necessary stage from original raw material to final...
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Cosmetic Sponge Microwave Dryer
In the old days, we use the traditional hot air dryer to dry the cosmetic sponge (called powder puff, cosmetic puff, makeup puff, sponge puff, velour puff). Right now, many company use the advanced the microwave dryer to dry the cosmetic...
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Artificial Flower and Silk Flower Dryer
How to effectively cure and dry artificial flower color? MAX Industrial Microwave launch the new model batch oven microwave dryer which can efficiently cure and dry the artificial flower color.   Due to the electromagnetic wave, the...
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