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Natural Liquid Latex Dryer
MAX Industrial Microwave customizes two sets of microwave machine which are used for dehydrating liquid rubber material. We design machine that quickly dry liquid rubber-separate solids from belt-second dry rubber. MAX microwave machine can...
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Industrial Microwave Machine Manufacturer
MAX Industrial Microwave recently finish two sets of microwave machine including 6kw batch oven and 54kw conveyor tunnel microwave.   We customize the machine capacity and dimension to meet with our clients demands after fully...
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Edible Insects Dryer
As a booming field, edible insect industry is developing quickly in the world especially in the western world and Thailand. The new food are assisting the growth of a large number of start-ups producing insect-based food like insect candy,...
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Latex Material Drying Solution
Latex material, also called memory foam or emulsion, is including latex pillow, mattress and cushion etc. The latex material get more popular recently because of memory function and comfortable feeling. MAX Industrial Microwave design a tunnel...
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