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Soy Protein Isolated-based Fiber Dryer
Soy protein is a plant-based protein that is derived naturally from soy beans. Soy protein isolate is a kind dry powder food which is highly refined or purified from soybean, with a minimum protein content of 90% on a lower moisture basis....
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Soy Protein Drawing Dryer
Soy protein drawing is also called vegetarian protein or vegetarian meat protein drawing. Drawing protein(textured soy protein) is classified as its structure to thick wire type, type filaments, soft wire, hard wire type, slide wire, acerbity...
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Black Soldier Fly larva Treat Organic Waste
The idea of using fly larva for processing of organic waste was proposed almost 100 years ago. High resource recovery efficiency can be achieved in this closed-looped system. Right now, thousands of larvae from black solder fly can chow down...
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Microwave Drying Influence
Traditional heating or drying methods like steam, hot air, coal burning are used as heat conduction function from the outside to inside of material, Thus, the heating and drying time is a bit longer, and the efficiency is lower, the heating...
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