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Industrial Microwave Equipment
Quick News: One of our tunnel conveyor industrial microwave is ready to delivery to our client workshop. The industrial microwave equipment is 180 kw power with oil cooling solution. We take 45 days to finish manufacturing the machine, which...
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Flour Drying and Sterilization
Flour drying machine is able to dry and sterilize wheat flour, black rice flour, bread flour and other sauce flour etc.   The Microwave Drying and Sterilization Features:   1. Energy saving and high...
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Paper Board Dryer
Our clients ordered another set of paper board microwave drying machine in September 2018. Last year, our clients placed an order which is 40kw microwave tunnel conveyor machine to dry paper board. The machine properly dries the paper board to...
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Buckwheat Hulls Sterilization Equipment
Buckwheat hulls is the by-products of buckwheat kernels. The leftover buckwheat hulls is used in our pillow. The natural filling hulls has many advantages over traditional latex, foam or fiberfill. The buckwheat hulls pillow is the “warm in...
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