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In recent years, there has been a global trend toward the use of natural plant food components, such as: dietary fiber including soy fiber pea fiber. However, the by-product fiber moisture content (>80 %) require an efficient way to properly process it. Lately new and innovative drying methods that...
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We manufacture the double layer microwave drying/curing machine which is used for liquid rubber curing and drying. It combines with hot air and microwave machine to get a better the drying result.   The compact design could significantly reduce the footprint.   It’s innovative...
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MAX Industrial Microwave is able to dry lower moisture content cellulose material from 12% to under 2%.   The advantages of Cellulose Microwave Dryer   (1) High Efficiency, no energy consumption due to the moisture content of the material easy to absorb microwave heating, so...
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We supply a microwave machine to cook the shrimp biscuit products for our clients. The shrimp biscuit microwave machine is able to continuously dry and sterilize shrimp biscuit product. The uniform heating feature could homogenously dry and sterilize shrimp biscuit.    ...
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