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We roll out the mealworm dryer to the worldwide clients. The mealworm drying machine can efficiently dry out the mealworm in order to stock them. FAQ 1. How does the dried mealworm looks like by our machine? The mealworm would be golden color with well shape maintain. ...
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A novel of tea bag sterilization machine has been used for killing insect larvae and egg as well as control the microorganism amount. The machine can properly control processing temperature to avoid over-heating. The machine can be used for green tea, flower tea, tea mixture and sugar...
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Recently, we roll out microwave energy with light wave to process “green” material including green tea or vegetables to maintain original green color to improve the outlook of material. It’s inhibiting the enzymatic oxidation of polyphenols in fresh leaves, evaporating part of the water in...
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MAX Industrial Microwave roll out the novel peanut, soy bean and other nuts roasting machine. There are differences between microwave roasting machine and traditional drum rotary is. a. MAX Industrial microwave roasting machine can penetrate the inside of nuts so the...
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