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Chinese Spring Festival Holiday
The Chinese Spring Festival is an annual event celebrate in China and Chinese communities, it’s the most important holiday in China. MAX Industrial Microwave team would take holidays from 28thJanurary to 10thFeburary. But our customers...
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Tunnel Conveyor Microwave Heating Machine
Traditional heating solution like hot air, steam and electrical heating apply the thermal conduction, heating convection and thermal radiation to heat the surface of material, gradually rise the temperature of core part of objective. However,...
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Rice Hamburger Reheating Machine
Rice hamburger is a perfect way to reinvent the traditional bread bun by ditching the bun and using the rice. It’s a gluten-free way to eat a burger or sandwich as well as suit for some Asian cuisine cultures. Simple assemble the burgers with...
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Flour Power Material Industrial Microwave Sterilization
Recently, we have finished manufacturing one system of flour powder material sterilization and cooling line. The whole system is including screw conveyor lifting machine, conveyor tunnel microwave machine and final section of cooling...
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