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Industrial Microwave Machine
After a long Chinese New Year Holiday, we are back to the position to take order for the industrial microwave machine including small size laboratory microwave oven,  small or big power microwave batch oven and tunnel conveyor belt...
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Foaming Natural Latex Pillow and Mattress Dryer
After vulcanization, molding and washing & squeezing, the latex products need further drying process. However, the traditional dryer need take a longer time to dry latex products because latex physical structure has a poor permeable for the...
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Why we use industrial microwave machine in the food industry
Recently, we are more concerned about environmental protection and food safety issues. We attempt to optimize original food materials, food processing equipment and transportation equipment etc. We prefer to the automation, low energy...
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Chinese Spring Festival Holiday
The Chinese Spring Festival is an annual event celebrate in China and Chinese communities, it’s the most important holiday in China. MAX Industrial Microwave team would take holidays from 28thJanurary to 10thFeburary. But our customers...
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