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Microwave Sterilization and Drying Machine
MAX Industrial Microwave design the industrial microwave sterilization and drying machine for food industry such as starch sterilization & drying, flour sterilization and seasoning sterilization and drying. Especially for the...
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Insects Dehydration Machine
There are some common questions which often come up with drying insects. We would like to answer here.   1. Risk Assessment for HACCP for Acheta Domesticus (crickets), Tenebrio Molitor( mealworm) and Hermetia illucens...
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Mince Patty Cook Machine
Industrial microwave machine is used to re-heat, temper or fully cook food products. So why don’t we use the industrial microwave to cook mince patty/Kebab? The industrial microwave are much powerful than the oldest cooking methods so it take...
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Cat Litter Drying Machine
Traditional cat litter drying machine is rolling drum dryer which could not maintain cat litter original shape, easily damage litter size and color. So the cat litter manufacturers are not happy with traditional cat litter drying machine....
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