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MAX Industrial Microwave roll out the novel peanut, soy bean and other nuts roasting machine. There are differences between microwave roasting machine and traditional drum rotary is. a. MAX Industrial microwave roasting machine can penetrate the inside of nuts so the...
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MAX Industrial Microwave design and machined snail drying equipment. It can quickly dry and sterilize the snail product to reach a lower moisture content which can be further milling to powder for high edible protein product. Our machine can dry and sterilize the snail at the same time...
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MAX Industrial Microwave designed and machined vertical microwave batch oven for re-heating, curing, drying, sterilization, extracting and roasting purpose. The microwave oven is equipped with advanced temperature controlling unit that can properly control processing temperature to avoid over-heat...
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MAX Industrial Microwave apologizes for delaying due to an unexpected coronavirus (COVID-19)that occur in China February. And we are gradually reopening our workshop and will continue to do manufacture the machine now. Our city has not got any new coronavirus patient in the past 14 days, and...
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