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Spice Organic Sterilization
Industrial Microwave is Gently on the Products, Deadly to Bacteria MAX Industrial microwave delivery a lower temperature and short time microwave heating solution for organic material like herbs, spices and seeds. The...
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Okara Powder Drying Equipment
Tofu and soymilk residue which is a byproduct and known as Okara. As we know, most of okara is consumed as animal feed or a natural fertilizer. But It has a potential for human consumption because of its high content of protein and fiber. Food...
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Buffalo Worms Dryer
Buffalo worms rich in n nutrients due to high protein percentage and low fat content. It’s used be a great food for amphibian, bird, tropic fish and lizard. Recently, it’s also popular as the edible food to feed the human....
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Tea Fixation Machine
Tea fixation is also called deactivation of enzymes, kill out or de-enzyme. The main purpose of tea deactivation of enzyme is to maintain the color of tea green, volatile smell of green, alter tea soft texture and conveniently further rolling...
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