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Microwave Sterilize Dried Fruit
It’s new method to sterilize dried fruit, mushroom and date by microwave tunnel machine. Traditional fumigation pasteurization solution takes a longer time to sterilize dried date in order to kill insects and larvae.However, microwave machine...
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Pork Skin Cook Machine
Pork skin is a high protein source for meat by-product. The skin contains 2.5 times more protein, four times more carbohydrates and half as much fat. Generally speaking, the puffing of pig skin can be carried out through traditional frying, but...
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Health Oral Liquid Bottle Sterilization Machine
Microwave sterilization machine is widely sterilized the oral liquid bottle products. We understand that The high sterilization temperature will influcnet the efficacy, nutrition, color, aroma and taste of the oral liquid, and easily cause the...
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Industrial Microwave Batch Oven
MAX Industrial Microwave batch oven is ready ship to our client’s factory, the compact design batch oven suits for lab testing, small or medium quantity material process heating and drying and sterilization applications.
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