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How to Choose Industrial Microwave
When we talk about microwave, household microwave might appear in our brain. The home microwave oven is often used for heating food or leftovers. However, we might be not familiar with industrial microwave because it’s big size and larger...
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Insect Industry
Insect is a sustainable and resource efficient alternative protein as well as food and feed source. Edible insect like crickets and grasshopper do contain large amount of minerals, vitamins, fatty and amino acids essential for humans. And black...
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Industrial Microwave Dry Cat Litter
We design and manufacture the industrial microwave to dry and sterilize cat litter. We traditionally use rolling drum dryer to dry cat litter, but it does not homogenously dry the cat litter as well as destroy the original shape of cat litter,...
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Microwave Process Grains
According to related department statistics, we would approximately waste 5% of our grain because of deterioration. In year 2016/17, a total of approximately 2.62 billion metric tons of grain were produced worldwide. And the 5% of 2.62 billion...
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