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Foaming Cotton and Non-latex Sponge Microwave Drying
Microwave drying equipment has a unique advantage to dry foam cotton and non-latex sponge. There are thousands of hundreds of air holes inside foam cotton so traditional hot air dryer hardly heat and dehydrate internal moisture. But microwave...
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Food Seasoning Drying and Sterilization Machine
Fabricating a food seasoning drying machine delivery to our client facility. The food seasoning is wet particle shape prior to drying process. The food seasoning is also called chicken seasoning, which consist of chicken liquid, chicken...
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Microwave Extrusion and Drying Petroleum Drilling Fluid
Microwave heating machine is used for extruding and drying the filtrate reducer for petroleum drilling fluid. There is a synthetic method of modified starch that was used as filtrate reducer for petroleum drilling fluid. Our microwave machine...
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Microwave De-enzyme Annoma Muricate Leaves.
With the number of cancer increasing, we concern the efficacy of treatment options and how to prevent or reduce cancer. Apart from radiotherarpy, chemotherapy and surgery methods, we also have complementary and alternative medicine which means...
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