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Back to 2019, we supply many industrial microwave machines both batch oven, tunnel conveyor,cylinder model and unique design. MAX Industrial Microwave is used for drying, heating, roasting, curing and sterilization etc. The model of machine is from mini size 2kw to large size 300kw. Our...
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MAX Industrial Microwave dryer run for China-Russia joint  Food Project. Conveyor Belt Machine Features:  1. Custom design drying features. 2. Stable working performance. 3. 24/7 continuously working hour. ...
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We manufacture and bespoke a wide range of industrial microwave batch oven with and without vacuum function. The power of microwave power is also available to customize based on our clients’ demand. The microwave oven is with temperature control, power control, auxiliary fan and...
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Our industrial microwave conveyor is shipped to EU for sterilization purpose. Ready to go. MAX Industrial Microwave machine can sterilize, dry, heat, cure and modify a wide range of material. Why do we select microwave sterilization? We would use a multiple of sterilization...
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