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Microwave Oven Ready
Break News---MAX microwave ovens are ready to delivery to our customer factory.   In 2018, we would manufacture and design a wide range of industrial microwave including batch oven and tunnel conveyor to service worldwide...
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Liquid Heating Machine
Recently, we develop a liquid heating machine to our client. The heating machine is used to dry liquid glue. The liquid quickly passes through microwave heating chamber to reach the target temperature. The small pilot machine is used for trial...
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Bean and Nuts Roasting Machine
View the bean and nuts roasting machine, we may find industrial microwave machine has access to the roasting field. By employing microwave penetration heating ability, it can quickly roast the nuts and bean inside parts as well as maintain nuts...
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Saffron Sterilization Machine
Saffron is high value of spice, derived from the crocus flower. We usually use saffron for flavor tea or cooking purpose because it is known to health benefit for blood. Hence, we need properly process and store saffron to maximum our health...
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