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Shrimp Biscuit Cook Machine
We supply a microwave machine to cook the shrimp biscuit products for our clients. The shrimp biscuit microwave machine is able to continuously dry and sterilize shrimp biscuit product. The uniform heating feature could homogenously dry and...
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Single Crystal Silicon Dryer
Microwave equipment is recommended for drying single crystal silicon. As is shown in experimental research and practice comparison, microwave drying of single crystal silicon performs better mainly in uniform drying, high drying speed and short...
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Microwave Equipment in the Heating Industry
The microwave has short wavelength, high frequency, energy saving and environmental protection, and is widely used in various fields of the industrial industry, such as industrial microwave heating. Microwave heating is a heating...
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Industrial Microwave Defrost and Thawing Machine
Industrial Microwave thawing is a kind of new development of defrost product method. It utilizes high power density of 915 MHZ microwave penetration features to fast thaw the frozen material as well as ensure uniformly thawing result both...
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