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Rice Meal Heating Machine
Microwave heating equipment is characterized by fast heating speed, less heat loss and convenient operation, which can not only shorten the process time, improve productivity, reduce production cost, but also improve product quality. Compared...
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Insect Microwave Batch Oven Dryer
Recently, we manufacture a few batch ovens which delivery to insect farms. Batch oven is popular microwave model to process a variety of insects including crickets, mealworm, super worm, grasshopper and BSF larvae   Microwave...
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2018 Novel Nuts and Seeds Roasting Machine
Today the world rise of snack food is creating demands for nuts and seed of all varieties. The blend mixtures of nuts and seeds require machine capable of roasting multiple ingredients that can vary widely in size, shape and consistency. We...
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Tofu Cat Litter Dryer
Tofu cat litter is made of soybeans, and we just 20% waste of soya to make the cat litter. There are some advantages of tofu cat litter such as excellent absorption, odour control, flushable(directly flush into toilet) without chemical, clays,...
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